Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be specific about forgiveness!

When blunders are committed by humans against another and it accumulates in the heart of the one who is hurt, this can be likened to a bomb waiting to explode; this person should be resisted by all means. When errors are forgiven specifically and not generally, it is like medicine to the sick. The human body is not built to harbor indefinite bitterness or ruthlessness, 'cos this can be transformed to a miniature disease that will become a mystery even to a professional doctor. When the one who erred is asking for forgiveness, the one who is granting forgiveness should be able to ask in return, "forgiveness from what?" by so doing both parties are aware of the "sin" committed, so forgiveness can take its full cause. There is nothing like general error or general forgiveness. On my quest for success, If I hurt anyone, I will ask their forgiveness on specifics by recounting the blunder committed, on another hand, if anyone err against me and require forgiveness, I will grant it specific to the blunder committed and not in general terms. 
Be specific about forgiveness!
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