Saturday, December 1, 2012

Never quit till you get it right!

As long as you keep working towards that focus or goal, you will get it right and hit the mark. ~ Ochuko A.

If you are struggling right now, it does not mean you will struggle forever. Don’t you remember that times and seasons don’t cease. There is always, winter, summer, fall, spring or raining and dry seasons.

So, never say, “I am tired”, “I am fed up”. If you must cry sometimes, please cry, there is nothing wrong with crying - it is okay - but, when you say those words, you are literally quitting on you. If a mother cannot quit on her suckling child who she must feed to keep alive or survive, why should you quit on the beautiful and hardworking you.

You can and definitely will get to your desired end. Do not despise whatever you are doing for a living right now, ‘cos the end will surely and definitely justify the means; you will always get to your desired destination if you only persevere in the hard times, and persist in doing well, you will get it right (hitting the mark).

Never quit till you get it right!
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