Thursday, November 29, 2012

A new set of binocular!

See the people and the world with a new set of binocular.

The purpose of a standard binocular is for viewing real beautiful and ugly scenes in sight, and as close and amplified as they can possibly be. You do not want to see the world and people that way.

I propose you do not view the world the way a binocular would because you would be heavily disappointed, and at the same time, you would be filled with hatred and disdain for people.

Yes, some people can be dangerous, wicked, evil, etc. Yet, some people are kind, merciful, gracious and good. I bet you do not want to constantly see the first set of people, else you maybe fed-up with life and think you had enough and then contemplate suicide.

You may want to consider the other side of people and this world; the existence of good, merciful, kind and gracious people. They are alive and have not gone extinct.

See with a different set of eyes, have a different understanding and thought of the world you live in; the quicker you do this the better for you.

A new set of binocular!
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