Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking up space! Bad manners - 82

It is weekend, and you are so “bored”; you visited a restaurant at about 4pm, bought a drink, sat there by yourself and sipped from your glass or bottle bits of the drink you bought. It’s now 6pm; you are still sipping from the same glass/bottle.

The restaurant suddenly became fully occupied because of the rush hours at the time, and customers are scrambling to get a sit, but you are still there with the same drink you bought two (2) hours ago.

Why don’t you just finish your drink and make available the sit for another customer who is standing and hoping you would just leave.

It is unacceptable to act this way, because it conveys bad manners and meanness to mankind.

Right thing to do: If the restaurant is empty, you are allowed to stay for as long as you please, but if the restaurant is full as a result of rush hour, quickly gulp your drink and make room for someone else. Remember, life is not always about you, it is about being your “brother’s keeper.” Correct?

Taking up space! Bad manners - 82!
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