Monday, September 24, 2012

Worthy of emulation!

I read the Washington post on “the world’s 15 happiest countries”. Find it here:

These countries where ranked the happiest--Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Finland, Venezuela, Israel, New Zealand, Netherlands, Panama, United States, Austria, and Costa Rica. By the way, Israel and New Zealand, Finland and Venezuela, Netherlands and Panama, each had a tie.

I thought to myself; what was the yardstick for this measurement? Is it the economic strength of a country and its people? I refuse to accept this ranking/rating.

In my opinion, China is one of the happiest countries in the world. Here is why: every Chinese I have ever met had a playful characteristics, and a smile to top it, even when we met as strangers.

The other day, I met a group of Chinese students and the same characteristics graced their presence. I was forced to rate China as number 1 happiest country in the world. My yardstick for measurement is an unofficial attitude, wrapped with a smile that tells me there is nothing to worry about.

China to me is the happiest country in the world, and worthy of emulation too.

Worthy of emulation!
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