Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pass things along!

Do you have cars that you sometimes don’t drive, but is parked in the garage for months? Do you have shoes that have been in your closet that have not been touched for months? Do you have ear-rings or cloths that you have not won for years? Do you have a spare camera or unused books? Do you have bag of rice or beans that has sat in your storage room for months? It is time to pass these things along. Give them to someone who is in need. Someone who is in need will use these things immediately.

Do not say, I am keeping it for my children’s children. Remember, we are in a fast paced age. Before your children’s children are birthed, another brand would have emerged.

And, how you tell you need to give something’s away is if you do not wear or use them at all or if they have accumulated dust in your house.

Anything that has stayed in your home for too long without usage is ready to be passed along. Would you pass those things along?

Pass things along!
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