Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 71

Some people are very good at helping others financially, and others cannot because of liabilities or whatever reason. I have helped so many people before in my life, and I have also been helped before by so many, and some I still owe till this day.

As published yesterday; when you owe someone, have the decency or courtesy to payback what you owe. This standard also holds true or applies to those who assist others financially; do not by any means catch yourself playing judge, being brutal or merciless to those who could not meet up with the payment plan for the money they owe you. Also, you who were assisted financially should not take for granted the help rendered to you by deliberately not keeping up with payment plan in place.

Life is sometimes funny, and fair too. It may just be that, tomorrow (two days or twenty years’ interval), the one who was merciless to the borrower may just be the one asking for assistance, either from the one they once assisted or from an entirely difference person altogether. And, the one who took advantage of the lender, asking for more assistance, which may not be granted because one foolish act. Do not be either the foolish borrower or the foolish lender. Be wise and courteous!

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 71
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