Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 79

Whether one is prepared for it or not, at one point in life one may share space with someone. It could be a hostel for students, an employment roommate or house mate, a camp, etc. This sometimes can be fun or misery. The outcome depends on the person who wants to accommodate another.

If you intend accepting a roommate, be prepared to ask one million questions to satisfy your curiosity regarding the makeup of this would-be roommate. If you do not ask the necessary questions, courtesy would rather have you keep shut, than fuss if things go south (not as envisaged).

Ask questions like; “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” – This makes you know that you expect two people rather than one sometimes. “Do you smoke or do you party?” – This makes you know if the person will be opening the door at night sometimes or organizing party at the house sometimes, etc. After getting the facts about the makeup of the would-be roommate, and you feel you can put-up with them, it is time to tell them what is expected of them.

Let them know what is “acceptable” in the room/house, and what is not. Tell them there will be a schedule for cleaning the house, last but not least, let them know how the house bills (rent and electric) will be shared and paid off.

Most importantly, when you see some awkward behavior or practice around the house that does not tell well of the occupants, draw their attention to it politely; don’t forget to always be polite at all times. If they keep repeating stuff you already drew their attention to, remind them that this will lead to their eviction from the house if not stopped (do this politely too). Agreed?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 79
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