Friday, September 28, 2012

Be glad you were found worthy!

I like being humane, and at the same time, I like being honest and open about any and everything, and somehow cautious too.

First off, it is not easy to approach someone and ask them for help or assistance. And, if someone comes to me for help, I know they must have held in enough breath to carry them through that process of being with me. I normally tell myself that, if someone summons enough courage to ask for my help, I should be able to make them feel better than they first came, even if I could not assist them financially at the time. I really do not want a situation where someone became more depressed after they left my presence.

Why will someone ask me for financial assistance, it just get me turned off? Why will someone trust me that much to come to me, open up their hearts, and pour out their needy soul to get help in return, only to get stabbed? No! It is entirely wrong, childish, and unacceptable to act this way.

If someone ever asked you to assist them with funds, and you do not have it, have the decency to communicate politely and humanely, letting them know you do not have it at the moment, that, if you can help at all, you will let them know, but you are not making a promise. This is the sure way to go.

Do not be deliberately irritated or stop communicating because someone asked you for a simple thing, as funds. Be glad they found you worthy. Not everyone is worthy of being approached.

You want to make someone's day not spoil it. Correct?

Be glad you were found worthy!
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