Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hang on there!

Everyone who is regarded as wealthy or rich went through a process to get to the position they are in today. Even those who are being handed inheritances by their parents had to go through life process to keep or increase the same for their children’s children.

There is a destination, but there is a process. Process always comes before destination. Not persevering, dubiously jumping the ropes or not submitting to authority of any kind brings abortion to the process, because, a desperate sheep or sheep without shepherd will eventually get lost.

The deeper the process to your expected end, the higher the destination. If you are going through tough times financially, mentally, educationally, emotionally, etc. I thought I should let you know that, so long you keep your eyes on that mark or expected end, whatever you are going through is for a moment, you will come out stronger than you experienced. Do not think anyone make it at the snap of the fingers, there was, and will always be a process – which is the means to an end.

Abort the get-rich-quick syndrome or mentality, hang on there, before long you will be on the other side of the road--success; there is always a road or process to every desired end. Correct?

Hang on there!
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