Thursday, September 20, 2012

Be sure you are ready for the fight!

Today we are engaged in a deadly global struggle for those who would intimidate, torture, and murder people for exercising the most basic freedoms. If we are to win this struggle and spread those freedoms, we must keep our own moral compass pointed in a true direction. ~ Barack Obama

If you must stand and look corruption or unkind deeds in the face, and fight, you must first check inwards to see that you have a clean record to win the battle; else, you may just be ranting for the rest of your life, because no one will take you seriously.

Bottom-line: Let the situation not be, “pot calling kettle black” or “log in your eyes, but removing speck in another’s” Look inwards at all times, and check that you are not part of the menace, before you start injecting your quota of “righting wrong” . Correct?

Be sure you are ready for the fight!
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