Sunday, September 16, 2012

Give it time, and see it play out!

When you are committed to a business or job and you observe that you are being treated with contempt without a reason, and your promotion withheld out of jealousy for the mere fact that you do your job with excellence and preferred among the pack of employees; never mind, stay calm, keep doing what you know best to do, DON'T STOP, let the people themselves fight for you.

Did I hear you say, “No”? Please do not say, “No!” If you ignore the ploy of the “enemy” or “foe”, overtime they will come to you on their knee, explaining, and at the same time clearing the path that will lead you to the place you so earnestly deserve.

“They” closed the path, "they" will open it up over time. Give it time, and see this play out; will you?

Give it time, and see it play out!
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