Friday, August 24, 2012

The simplest and easiest preferred.

“...Next time you're faced with a choice, do the right thing. It hurts everyone less in the long run.” ~ Wendelin Van Draanen

"Right choices preferred regardless, produces a life full of tranquility." ~ Ochuko

The simplest and easiest things like honoring one another, treating others the exact same way we love to be treated and choosing to do right regardless which makes life beautiful and peaceful, most times becomes the hardest thing to do. Why is this?

Think of this for a moment, if we honor parents, siblings’, children, bosses, co-workers, teachers, even strangers etc regardless of the attitude put forward or their personalities, we will be at peace with ourselves and the world will be a better place too. Why not make the right choice by honoring everyone along your path without focusing on status. Honor cleaners in the office, hair stylist, waiters/waitresses, soldiers/military personnel, strangers, etc without a string attached and see how peaceful your life turns out. Would you do this?

The simplest and easiest preferred.
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