Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 67

Courtesy equals authenticity, and “authenticity is being able to engage in things that are unbiased, spot-on; not compromising ones true values in the face of challenge/adversity. It is a state where one’s true values and inner desires synchronizes with one’s outer behaviors.” ~ Ochuko A.

Everybody loves the good stuff, and authenticity is the good stuff, but it takes courage and strong will to be authentic. Be that authentic person today. Will you?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 67
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  1. Shi, thank you for your comment. I could not make anything out of it because I could not read it.

    Can you be so kind to re-write in English?

    Thanks a lot, Shi.

  2. When I get the English version I will publish it.

    Again, thanks.