Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 63

"A good mannered and courteous person take into consideration their personal appearance" ~ Ochuko

Are you one of those who say this phrase often, “I will live my life the way I choose to, it’s no body’s business”. You are absolutely right and wrong!

Yes it’s your body! Yes it’s your name! Yes it’s somewhat your life! But, you came from a family who expect the best of you in life, and so you have a family to shine for and a family name to protect. Your family is the one who would sing your praise if all goes well or to bury their heads in shame if the chips are down, and your family will still be the ones who will try to figure a way to assist you out of any mess. Furthermore, if you are a religious person, you live your life for God, and answerable to God and the body/association in which you function; so, this nullifies your statement above. Your life is not yours; a bad or good reputation will rub off on all you are connected to.

You ascribe to yourself, your loved ones and all you are connect to a good name, through courtesy and manners displayed in public and private. You do not dress like a hooligan or care less how you look when you are going to the marketplace/shopping mall. You do not keep finger nails long and dirty, hair unkempt and cloths smelly because “it’s your life”. You need to take a bath daily and wash and iron your cloths to portray a good mannered “you.” Courtesy/good manners and grooming cannot be separated. The cleaner your personal appearance, the more your good manners will be validated.

On the contrary, a well groomed outlook does not necessarily portray good manners, but good manner is only confirmed from the way people are treated and the words that proceed from the mouth.

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 63
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