Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why can't we all be like children?

The other day, I entered a mall/shopping centre and heard a child of about 3years old standing with his parents, shouting and screaming on top of his voice while dancing in front of everyone, and generally oblivious of his environment.

It struck me; and the message that flowed into my heart/mind was, “why can’t we all as adults be like this child who is as free as a bird?” obviously, he was not in competition with anyone, he definitely had no enemy nor friend, he saw the world differently, he was not bothered if he had stayed too long in the mall with his parents, he did not mind if someone was looking at him disdainfully, all he knew was that he was in a safe place, he saw every human as the same, he cared less of what anyone thought of him so long he was doing the right thing, he could play if he wanted to, and he could just be who he wanted to be without someone shoving a course down his throat. He was my little angel.

I think we all can definitely be like this child. What do you think?

Why can't we all be like children?
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