Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 40

“What was that?” Everyone asked fanning themselves with anything close by that can push the smell very far and with eyeballs rolling to the left and to the right searching for a sign that will give whoever that caused this discomfort up. “Someone just farted!” Juliet replied.

This kind of situation is embarrassing, annoying, and anything but nice. Please, if you must fart, courtesy and respect for everyone around inclusive of yourself demands that you excuse yourself and see the restroom/bathroom/toilet for ease from fart/gas. Do not find yourself releasing fart in the midst of others, as it is not a kind thing to indulge in.

You do not want to be in a smelly atmosphere caused by someone at any point in time, so it is best to refrain from spoiling an atmosphere by doing the right thing; use the bathroom/toilet.

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 40
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