Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 48

There are so many people that cannot do without a phone for a second. Either they are checking every now and again for updates on Facebook or they are just fiddling with their “phone pet”. I had an experience once while talking with a friend, she kept punching buttons on her phone without giving me attention while I talked, and I wondered if I was talking to myself, after a while though I stopped talking and left. This act is no longer one done in private, but also done in public.

Please for your good and others, desist from punching buttons on your phone in an official meeting, and remember to switch off your phone or put it in silent mode when in a cinema or when with interviewers. You do not want to get kick in the dark at the cinema or loose a potential job position because of an avoidable habit. Correct?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 48
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