Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 37

If you plan on inviting people over to your house for a party of whatever magnitude, be sure to give them advance notice of at least two months or more, so they can incorporate you into their plan. That the party is very important will be inconsequential when it comes to making a decision whether or not to attend as schedule will be a very important element in making that decision.

So, sending an invitation to friends and loved ones about a party that will take place 5 days interval or one (1) week interval is not fair, and also not a respectful act. You do not want them to miss attending your party, right? Then please, don’t take pride in distributing cards 5days before the start of a party.

Bottom-line: Courtesy and fair act demands that you give them enough notice so they can incorporate you into their busy schedule, otherwise you will be left with RSVP that says, “thank you for the kind invitation but I regret to inform you I cannot attend due to an upcoming event”. You do not want to receive that kind of message. Correct?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 37
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