Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Don't you worry; don't despair!

When something "bad" happens to you or when you are asked to leave a place or you are “sacked” the obvious and first response will be to cry or to ask, “Why?” especially when you know you have been acting right. You need not cry or ask “why?” because every time something occurs on the face of the earth, it happens for a reason. There is always a reason behind every act, move or happening around you, and this is not what you can fathom. It is actually beyond your scope but just always know that things don’t just happen.

A door sometimes closes to signify the end of an era or phase in your life and to usher in the next era or phase. Most importantly a door must have been opened all these while that would have taken you to that next phase you are supposed to be in, but only waiting for the right timing, and that time you were sacked or dropped as a business associate or whatever, was the right timing.

In a sense you might be thinking you have lost the best job, house, business partners and what have you, but the best is really much more than you see now. Dust your curriculum vitae, adjust it with current details about you, adjust you and the way you perceive things and throw your net out there because you may be in for the next big catch of your life. Or go reach out to businesses not minding the level you are at, and tell them what you can offer; the next best thing might just be delivered to you on a platter of gold.

There is something bigger, brighter and better every single time; the time it occurs is inconsequential. It is not your duty to fathom. Brace up, be strong and be ready to embrace change!

Don't you worry; don't despair
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