Thursday, May 31, 2012

Am i wired to effect change in another?

No human on the face of the planet is wired or saddled with the responsibility of effecting change in another but humans are wired to be an example or mirror. Also, every human is saddled with the responsibility of being responsible individuals for themselves and their domain.  Anyone who is irresponsible dishonors him/herself. If someone is in a relationship with another who is irresponsible, nothing they can do to change the irresponsible one. If the irresponsible individual is not willing and ready to embrace change, change cannot be forced on them by another. Quit being the savior of an irresponsible fellow because you are not. On my quest for success, I will not set out to change anyone but will be fully abreast of the fact that all humans have a right to live well and right or completely irresponsible until they are frustrated and ready to embrace change, it is only then and only then can change take place. 
Am I wired to effect change on another?
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