Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is there "hell" in the hallway?

When "hell's" cycle is complete, success submits to all still standing ~ Ochuko
There is a time and season for everything on the face of the earth. A time comes when it seems all "hell" broke loose at the sight of one. "Hell" is like a challenge, it happens for a reason. And as one fights to get out of the hallway of "hell" when the reason for which it came has not been accomplished, the more it deepens till the cycle is complete. Knowledge and understanding is the only weapon a person has  to come out alive, strong and better as "hell's hallway" which forms part of the "big picture" can either make or break a person. As I continue on my quest for success, I will be armed with the truth that all that transpires in my life is tied to the big picture and that I will achieve whatever I am pursuing in the end regardless.  
Is there "hell" in the hallway?
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