Monday, October 1, 2012

You can do better than this!

We are all aware that billboards are meant to enlighten or update people of current or future happenings, so do handbills and posters.

Some handbills are put on noticeboards, while others are placed on tables in restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. Sometimes one poster is placed on each table for people to just read and not to take away. Flyers or handbills that are meant to be taken away are usually 2 and more on tables.

If you ever find a poster on a notice board that you seem to be interested in, do not grab it and take it with you; it is only meant to be read, this gives others equal opportunity to see it.

If you are so desperate to have the entire information on a poster placed on a noticeboard, please take a photo of it with your mobile phone or better still take it and make photocopy of it, and return same where you found it.

It is absolute bad manners, greed, and selfishness for you to remove something meant for everyone and just keep it to yourself. Most importantly, it is show of contempt and disregard for whoever posted it there.

You do not want to classify yourself in the category of persons without common sense; you sure can do better than this!

You can do better than this!
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