Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sticking the right foot in dare circumstance!

There are seasons and times to everything. Some seasons appear with unforeseen issues which test a person’s emotional stability; the characteristics portrayed at these times show the true makeup of that person, and it can either shape or break them, except of course they recognize this enough and on time to react right.

When those seasons come, you may want to:

  • Back away for a while
  • Give it some more thought
  • Think hard again before reacting

When ready:

  • Lift up, not tear down
  • Love, not hate
  • Smile, not frown
  • Comport yourself, not disconcert
  • Deal wisely, not foolishly
  • Listen more, not clamor to be heard
  • Submit, not lord it over
  • Look back and be happy you did the right thing

If everyone will just stick to these rules (supposing these are rules) the world will most certainly be a better world

Sticking the right foot in dare circumstance!
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