Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Some persons think when they openly say, it is “impossible to do something” that they are being sincere; that is really not the case. Openly saying, it is “impossible to achieve or do something” literally demeans your person, sets a negative atmosphere in motion which may affect everyone who may be present, make people perceive you as the weakest link in a group or team, and your contribution may no longer be valued at anytime.

In addition, when you are beaten really hard by life, remember that; YOU CAN GET UP, IT IS POSSIBLE TO STAND, and MOST CERTAINLY you will stand and eventually get to your desired end.

Bottom-line: Expunge the word NEVER, IMPOSSIBLE, CANNOT from within you because it literally exposes your incapability to perform; instead, retain the words; I CAN, IT IS POSSIBLE, MOST CERTAINLY, ABSOLUTELY, etc. it is the starting point to getting a thing done.

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