Sunday, September 9, 2012

What woud you do?

If your car has exhaust problem, and it constantly announces itself to others wherever it goes (loud sound), your wisdom will be to take it to a car doctor (mechanic) and it will be fixed. Correct?

If the car doctor took one look at the car, and tells you the issue with the car is much more than car exhaust, and you were given a bill for the total cost of repairs which you paid; now, you were called approximately two weeks by the mechanic to come get your fixed car but observe the car problem deteriorated, what would you do?

Arrest the mechanic? Or tell him…?

The simple and short answer is; since you have paid him already, express to him how disappointed you are, and take your car. In the event you have not paid him, tell him you cannot pay for bad service. If he insists you pay, it shows he may be just out for trouble. Give him the money for repairs and go in peace.

Can you do this?

What would you do
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