Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ever experienced distraction?

“Distraction is one of many enemy of progress.” ~ Ochuko

This happens frequently, and I have deliberately refused to allow it take a hold of me; I will purpose in my heart to work on something on a particular day, I will even note it on my note pad, but I will always get distracted, and end up not working on the plan.

Example: Checking my email is always the first thing on my list every day, but I will log-in to my machine and start reading the latest news until the time allotted for mails elapses. Next day, the experience will repeat itself. I have decided that, no matter how enticing the news headline, no news article will be so strong enough to divert my attention from my original plan.

Bottom-line: If you planned doing something, try as much as possible to stick to the plan. Don’t allow friends who talk too much or news on the internet drag you always from the set plan, otherwise, you will never achieve anything. Correct?

Ever experienced distraction?
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