Saturday, September 1, 2012

Endless torture vs Endless peace and liberty

“Falsehood equals endless torture, but the truth spoken at all times equal’s endless peace and liberty.” ~ Ochuko

What is torture? In my own words, torture is a deliberate act that leads one to an emotional, mental, and physical state of restlessness. "Lies telling" can cause one to be in this state. So, why tell a lie? A lie told requires many more lies for the sake of covering-up the very first lie. Why repeatedly go through torture to gain the trust of people? Do you not know that engaging in lie-telling is the worse torture one can bring upon themselves?

Is it not better to tell the truth and immediately loose friends or associates, but in the long run gain them; than gain the trust of friends with a lie, and in the long run loose them after they discover the truth?

Telling the truth “as-is” and at all times is the best life one can ever live. It does not matter what people may feel or say; it is all about you and your peace of mind/freedom. Remember, no –one will ever fathom the pain you may go through by not telling the truth, but certainly, everyone will come to understand why you told the truth and in the end come to love and rely on you like never before. Tell the truth always! Would you?

Endless torture versus Endless peace and liberty!
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  1. Well said. Deep and deep. You stimulate me intellectually.

    1. Really? Thanks Seyi. This is just our two cents to gaining or loosing friends.