Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 60

There are people who will never be a “Facebook fan” and there are others who were, but have learnt/learned their lessons the hard way, and have eventually deleted their pages as a result.

Facebook is a good place to connect with “friends" or people you know, not just anybody. Also, it is a medium of communication to friends. But, there are endless bad manners been perpetrated by the community of “Facebook fans” which has resulted in undocumented issues, such as wives losing their husbands or vice versa, and lots more.

“Tagging” is one aspect where bad manners is displayed; how can one explain why a person who is now an executive in an office be tagged in a primary/high school photo of 1950 pulling the hair of a girl while she screamed? It is absolute bad manners to tag people in an embarrassing photo that do not have any connection with the person tagged, but worst still is, when the photo used is from the “stone age.”

The usage of “tag” supposedly is to allow people who appear in a photo the opportunity to see themselves as a group. The purpose of “tag” is not to be used as a means to embarrass or humiliate people. Ask, if you are unsure your friends might be humiliated to see themselves in an embarrassing photo before you tag them. If you do not want to be tagged in an embarrassing photo or video, desist from tagging people, otherwise you will lose friends. You do not want be tagged as irresponsible and senseless, correct?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 60
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