Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clear the clutter!

The brain is huge; it processes information through associated neurons, which makes our body function properly. Not only is it saddled with the duty of making the body function properly, it is also saddled with the job of processing other stuff we deposit in it.

Why make your brain process junk that will not benefit you in anyways? Junk like talking about other people and crucifying them in the midst of friends, talking about how your dad’s or boss’s wife is a mean person, and so on and forth. Your brain doesn’t need to process all these information that will lead to nowhere. If it processes it, it sends bad signals to your body which will in-turn control your actions; in this instance, you may tend towards hate rather than acceptance.

This, to me is waste of time. Utilize your brain well in things that will spur your entire body to positive action that will yield good results in the end. Will you?

Clear the clutter!
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