Tuesday, August 7, 2012

50/50 plan a disaster in the making.

Yesterday’s blog was on being that which you earnestly seek in a friend/mate/companion. Today’s blog is on 50/50 plan a disaster in the making.

In a team of football players everyone member is saddled with his/her responsibility in making the team succeed. These responsibilities are very different from the other, and they function together to achieve a successful ending. If a member of a team is not functioning rightly, there will be issues with the bulk comprising of others, which may eventually yield a disastrous end result.

Whether you are in a marital relationship or any union you may find yourself. Every one individual is supposed to put in their 100% best to achieve success, either financially, morally, socially, etc.

50/50 input is disaster in the making, because in the end there will be lapses overtime that cannot be filled which can in-turn cost the team their success.

So, if you must succeed in or as a team, you must put in your 100% best not 50-50 best to achieve a good end result.

50/50 plan a disaster in the making.
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