Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whatever you do in life is for yourself.

“Life is beautiful and comes with many challenges; do not be deterred but be undaunting and unbended through all of life’s processes, in the end you will be a strong edifice” ~ Ochuko.

Through each processes or phases in life you will always encounter people, the rich, the wealthy, the poor, the strong, the religious, the sick, the healthy, the wise, the foolish, the weak, the strong, the wicked, the kind, the trickster/fraudulent, the powerful, the helpless, the homeless, the lost and lots more

Be mindful of how you treat each category of persons, so you can go through your process smoothly. Do not swindle to get over a challenge and think that, that is being smart. Whatever you do to anyone of these persons regardless of their positions, you are actually doing for yourself. Example: If you paid for a house for the homeless, you did it for yourself. If you despise the wealthy or the rich, you despised yourself and may never be wealthy or rich. Likewise, If you steal from someone, you stole from yourself or if you despise the poor, you might find yourself in those shoes.

So, be careful what you do and say, because whatever you do or say on the face of the earth is done and said for YOU; that's just the way life is.

Whatever you do in life is for yourself.
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