Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 31

Take a deep breath before you respond to these questions; when you received a missed call or voice on your mobile or immobile phone what do you do? Do you just take a look at your phone or listen to the voice message and then ignore the caller?

In my opinion, people who take out time to make a call through to someone care or have a message. If they do not have a message they probably want to hear the voice of the that person.

It is not a nice thing to ignore missed calls or voice messages. Courtesy and respect coupled with kind act, demands that you return calls or voice messages.

Not returning messages or calls communicates to the person at the other end that you don’t want them to associate with you. Their reaction may be, to delete your phone number or defriend you. And that’s not what you want. It only takes 2minutes to return a call, why not return those calls effective from today.

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 31
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