Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 25

“There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.” ~ Dale Carnegie.

Courtesy is a very important virtue. It is a sign of respect to others. When dealing with people be very courteous because whatever you dish out to people you get in return. No-one wants to be treated with disdain or cruelty. The world will always be a better place if people are treated with respect.

When you are writing a note or an email to a friend, colleague or boss, do not write anything in caps (capitalized words), it conveys to someone that you are “screaming”. You don’t want to yell or scream at your boss or friend. You do not want to lose your job or friend. Correct?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 25
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