Sunday, June 17, 2012

If i could build a dad - he will be just like you!

Fathers lay a unique foundation in the home where everyone builds on. That foundation is LOVE. Thanks to all you fathers; Who SACRIFICE, LOVE, PROTECT, PROVIDE, GIVE DIRECTION, DISCIPLINE and DRILL their sons and grandsons to be like the great fathers you all are. -Who don’t buy clothing for themselves until their wives and children have cloths on. -Who toil or work three (3) jobs to make sure everyone is happy. -Who are full of wisdom, who knows the difference between investment and spending wisely. -Who scold and reprimand and at the same time draw close their children. -Who do not rest until everyone is at the place of their dreams. -Who encourage and not discourage others. -Who love their wives still irrespective of arguments. -Who is always there, never says, “I am tired leave me alone at this time.” -Who have grown old with their spouse. -Who do not envy others but is satisfied with the best he can lay before their family. If I could build a dad I will build one that is just like you. To all you dads out there – MUCH APPRECIATION & HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Correct?
If i could build a dad - he will be just like you!
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