Friday, June 29, 2012

Courtesy and Morals.

No one can provide for an adult morals or principles to run with in life, except these adults are bent on acquiring good morals as a result of society scolding them every now and again for rude behavior.

Courtesy can be learned, but can only be learned when good morals are already embedded or in display in a person’s personality. Principles or Morals can only be taught to children growing up, so that as they grow older they will be able to decipher evil from good and being respectful from being rude.

As an adult you owe yourself the duty to instil discipline/morals into you. No adult can be forced to get morals; if they are ingrained they will be exhibited without struggle. Courtesy and morals are intertwined; when you have morals you have courtesy. These are good traits to covet because it drags favor towards you, so that, whenever you require assistance, people are willing and ready to assist you without a blink of an eye. Correct?

Courtesy and Morals.
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